What I learned about how to deal with emotional shifts!

Connie.son.missionOur son left yesterday to serve an LDS mission in Piura, Peru. The send-off went great and wonderful–but to be honest, I thought it would be easier this time. It wasn’t.

So here’s what I’ve learned in 24 hours about how I deal with emotional shifts.I curled up for a nap with my preschooler who was like a toasty warm pillow. I sought out comfort food like soup and a PBJ sandwich. I sniffed the flowers that I bought the day before just for this purpose, aromatherapy and visual joy. 

I went to bed early. I comforted my sweet daughters with a love, encouraging a nap, a healthy comfort food, a smell of the flowers, and going to bed early.Connie.flowers

I reminded myself, often, that this is EXACTLY where he should be and what we had hoped for him to do (an emotional duh reminder, but there it is)
I trusted he got there safe and sound without any word about it being so.

All was well. Until…

This morning I went on the Piura mission Facebook page and saw the post that 7 elders had arrived last night.

But he wasn’t in the pictures.

Small panic starts. I rationalize this is a good time to call the mission home (not wanting to be a hover mother). I find out that they weren’t expecting Elder Sokol until May.


Before more panic sets in, I realize that we really DID read the boarding pass correctly and it really did say March.

After a few key heart-stopping moments we realized that because he has gone straight to the Peru MTC apparently that means he is officially under that reference rather than under the mission reference.


connie.son.hugAnd a chuckle. And an email from said fabulous Elder Sokol not five minutes later!! He arrived safely, is doing great, is loving the MTC, and is sure we are missing such a “handsome stud son” as himself.

Spot on.

Today is better. Although, yes, I called to excuse my daughter’s absence from yesterday’s taking him to the airport and started to cry. Thankfully, the secretary knew exactly how it felt and the sweet comfort of connection that came from sharing it.

Meanwhile, I’m allowing myself to have a day or two transition, as silly as it may sound. It’s a wonderful thing, a fabulous thing, and still a hard thing to love, adore, raise, nurture, and mother a fine young man, and to feel his gentle, kind, and good self missing from our daily lives.

Thank you for your sweet support and love to our family as we start this journey with him, and the emotional, spiritual, and joyful things that brings.


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