Are your priorities making you lose power?

Jessica PlowmanThe thought of priorities, and our love-hate relationship with them as women, has been on my mind. I’m speaking about it to a church women’s conference this week, and feel to hit on a few key points that have troubled me.

Like, which priorities are key for me, for my family, right now, and how do I refocus my energy on them if it isn’t already?

These are tough questions. Because they change, especially with seven children, ages 23 down to 4. As I’ve thought, prayed, and read, I’ve determined a few things. Space allows me to share one (I’ll share more on my Facebook Live at 12:05 today:)

Most especially, that what Julie B. Beck says is true: “When our priorities are out of order, we lose power.” I’ve found that for myself. When I’m living the whack-a-mole life–meaning, trying to hurry and put out fires and run from thing to thing to get it done–I end up exhausted, irritable, and unfulfilled.

Instead, I’ve seen the benefit of choosing 5-finger living. That’s where I mentally assign on each finger a key area of my life I need to fill each day. Mine currently are to daily do something for: God (spiritual), Myself (health/well-being), Family (husband and children), Ministry (calling/personal purpose), and Service.

When I do one significant thing in each area–significant is not necessarily big, just soul-knowing I need to do it–I feel balanced, fulfilled, and able to disappoint the others who didn’t make the 5-finger list.

There’s so much more but one thing is for sure–ladies, we CAN be happy in motherhood and joyful in womanhood. And I’m feeling to my bones that priorities–knowing which to water and which to weed–are key to that happiness and joy.

I hope you’ll join me for more discussion on this today. I’ll be doing a Facebook Live at 12:05 (because it rhymes and because it gives me five extra minutes to get myself together) on more tips of how to get our priorities in order, and ENJOY the process!


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