Recent Life Lessons from my Bucket List

As some of you know, I recently came face to face–somewhat unwillingly–with one of my Bucket List/Life Dream/Why Not? items.

Let me give you the backstory. Several months ago, Studio 5 challenged we core contributors to do a “Never Ever”–something we’ve never done before but wanted to. I’d always wanted to sing with a jazzy, bluesy, Harry Connick Jr.-y Big Band. It was even written on my Life Board. And since it was many months away, it seemed incredibly doable.

Besides, that kind of music thoroughly filled my soul. It brought back the days of Monday night spaghetti, mom stirring while my sisters and I “gave it laldy” (my Scottish mum phrase) to Aretha Franklin. Later, enter Diana Krall, Michael Buble, and a host of others that take me back to the days of a sparkly dress, a trumpet section in tuxedos, and white front boards with the name of the band.  

From my nostalgia came reality. After committing to said Never Ever, I immediately started a few voice lessons but hurt my voice; then came the holidays; then came our B2B roll out of our eCourse in January; and then came an email from Studio 5– “Hey, we’re ready to film, when can we schedule you?”


I literally panicked into action, emailing potential voice teachers, and pleading that they could make me into Diana Krall in four voice lessons. From that moment on, I learned a few key life lessons about fulfilling a Bucket List item.

1.You will try to get out of it. When push comes to shove, the perky sentence on pretty paper will stare you in the face and suddenly, you will organize your sock drawer. Or, like me, email people that you’d like to switch your singing dream to, say, snowboarding–something much, much safer. If you’re lucky, people will compel you to keep your promise to yourself. You will thank them later. Much, much later.

2. You will not do it alone. If you’re wise, you’ll involve others, and quickly. Not only did the voice teachers graciously come to the rescue, I learned three different must-dos from three different teachers. Who knew? I gained confidence, vocal skills, and jazz specifics from each of these wonderful women.

3. You will have to decide to go big or stay small. That doesn’t mean “big” is global or “small” is insignificant. But you’ll know what I mean. There will be a moment that you can retreat to a safer space and choice, and then, you must choose. The original “safe” plan was for me to sing my song at the rehearsal of the BYU Jazz Band, Synthesis. Scary enough, but doable. That day an issue with the camera made it so that the other possible options became singing a warm-up at the band’s Valentine’s Day gig on Saturday, or, a possible rehearsal the next Monday (squeezing it in where it hadn’t been planned).

I seriously felt The Moment–I stood and let it sit on my soul. Was I going to push for the splashy get-a-dress gig or the safer in-a-music-studio option? I’m sad to say that I still needed a divine push to go for the gig, which is ultimately what worked best.

And, of course, there was the dress. So…

4. You will see mini miracles. At the risk of that sounding like an oxymoron these mini miracles will not look like the parting of the Red Sea, but they will feel that way. Take the fact that regarding said dress, I had ONE morning of only TWO hours to find the PERFECT dress to fit me and the situation.


My mind said “Macy’s” but my gut said “Dillard’s”–no idea why. Toting my preschooler and time ticking, we headed forth and within half an hour found THE best choice! And even though we found a small rip the fab alterations people around the corner fixed it while I played with my son at the treehouse.

Mini Miracle–check.

5. You will need to remember THE FUN. I had two ultimate goals–not be hideous (positively said, Be enjoyable to listen to), and have fun. This was unexpectedly wise. Because at the end of that last note, the moment was over. And it had truly been joy-juicing, soul-filling, to my very bones FUN!

I learned that in the moment of fulfilling your Bucket List, those original visions in your mind come together in unique and unexpected ways–some that you thought, others that you didn’t. But there I was, in a sparkly dress, with a trumpet section in tuxedos, and “giving it laldy.”

Enjoy the short video that shows you the final outcome of my experience. And while it’s good to remember that “It’s all in the editing,” it’s true to the amazing life experience as it felt to me. The tears were just as real then as they are now in the memory of it.   

Here’s to your Bucket List!


Enjoy this short video of my “Never Ever” experience on Studio 5!

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