Do You Love Your Life?

Valentine ChocolateValentine’s Day which means you’ll be thinking of love.

But how about LOVE-ing your life? Do you?

You can. Right now, where you are, with your current situation. That’s what I teach people to do with Back to Basics principles. You CAN live a more purposeful, organized, and joyful life.

As a national speaker, bestselling author, TV personality, and mother of seven children, I’ve taught and practiced these principles for 20 years with consistently amazing results.

I just practiced a Back to Basics principle yet again this weekend, with incredibly joyful results.

As a contributor for the morning show, Studio 5 with Brooke Walker, I was to choose something I’ve “never ever” done but wanted to. In the Create a Life Plan module I teach you to choose one life goal and go for it. Taking my own advice–(what??) –I went for singing with a Big Band, even just one song. I set the goal, and then I forgot. But then they reminded me, a few weeks ago, that they were ready to film it.


Not taking my B2B advice, I opted to get out of it (“How about if I try snowboarding??” No dice…) Then I pulled up my big girl hair-do and learned something about facing myself, setting a deadline, and making it happen.

I followed my Create a Life Plan advice, followed through, and WOW, what a result!IMG_6290

In one crazy week I did four voice lessons, got a fabulous dress, and miracle after miracle occurred to have me sing with the jazz band Synthesis at their Valentine’s gig this past Saturday night.


I’m here to tell you, these Back to Basics principles work! I LOVE them, and then followed them, and they led me to success, and an evening I’ll never forget.

You can do this too, so easily, with real results. Start with my FREE download on “3 Keys to Make a Life Change.”

Read them, try them, enjoy them. Give yourself the gift of LOVE-ing your life, right now.

LOVE your life by taking ONE step to change it.

Happy Changes,


P.S. Enjoy a free download on “3 Keys to Make a Life Change” here:  FREE DOWNLOAD!
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