Face and embrace your fear

Last week I had two opportunities to face and embrace my fears. work-life-balance-td
First, I was invited to be the self-help guest on Studio 5’s LIVE baby shower show–I’d never done a live one before! AND do the keynote for the Success Summit women’s conference. Seriously, I felt so nervous about both–as in, wake up in the middle of the night nervous.
The live show meant being fast, to the point, but giving a take-away in four minutes, and flexible on the exact how.
The keynote meant using a newly written/created powerpoint with unknown technology in a big conference setting, and engaging women on a mass level through knowing my stuff but still being open to on-the-spot inspiration.
But…I reminded myself of my advice freely given to others (!); which was, to take it in chewable chunks, prepare for success, and be my bold self.
And I did.
Amidst crazy scheduling, brain fog, and focusing on family first even when that meant finishing my powerpoint right to the wire, I faced and embraced my fears.
It worked.
And the results were fabulous–a great response on both events and some personal life-changing insights to boot!
Remember, life changes come in all shapes and sizes, but usually inconvenient opportunities. Take one. And use chewable chunks to prepare for your success, then be your bold self in the moment to make it real.
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Meanwhile, face and embrace one of YOUR fears this week and feel the power of a life shift!
Happy life changes,
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