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IMG_2901Several months ago, I was invited to contribute a chapter to a potential 25-author book titled, Success Through Failing.

After learning about the stories of the other authors, and their surviving and thriving through life fails–from everyday life fails to surviving childhood prostitution to rehab from drug abuse as a mother of several children–I was overwhelmed by the life lessons and wisdom offered by these amazing women.

The book became a reality. And just last week, a national bestseller on Amazon.

Right now, you can get a FREE TICKET which includes a FREE EBOOK to an incredible related event.

These amazing 25 authors took a step further to create a day-conference to share their stories, connect women with each other, and inspire them to view life fails as springboards to success.

And they’ll show you how.

I’m honored to keynote this conference! Come for part or all, enjoy the keynote and the breakouts, fill your bucket and make new friends.  

For our email subscribers, we’re giving away a FREE TICKET with FREE EBOOK to the first 5 people who click on this link to attend the women’s Success Summit! It’s a day of hope, healing, and life success tips you can take home and starting implementing today.

Join us for this life-boosting day: Feb. 4th, from 9 am to 5 p.m.–come for part or all–at the Karen Gail Miller Center in Sandy, Utah.

Click here to get your FREE ticket including a FREE EBOOK at www.successthroughfailure.com and use successthroughfailingthe code STFConnie. Good for the first five people!

Turn your life’s challenges into the very steps that lead you to triumphant success.

The Back to Basics Team

P.S. Click here to get your FREE ticket with FREE EBOOK at www.successthroughfailure.com and use the code STFConnie. Good for the first 5 people!

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