How to go from Failure to Success?

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Failure is part of the life package deal. But sometimes we can beat ourselves up over oursuccessthroughfailing perceived “fails” until we can’t move forward.

That’s not good.

Until you connect with amazing women. Fabulously, 25 amazing women got together and said, Let’s share our fail-to-success experiences and our learning so that other women can learn from them and move forward too.

A book was born. Then they asked me to contribute a chapter (and I thought, Which fail do I choose?!)

That became the completed Success Through Failure book (release Feb. 4th on Amazon). Each of these amazing women share their useful tips and incredible stories on making life fails into ultimate successes. From everyday mom flops to unbelievable heartbreak, these women have endured, become, and triumphed to make their experiences a stellar success.

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I’ve been asked to give the keynote and can’t wait to share “5 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self About Success Through Failure”!

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