Start Big By…Doing Nothing!

25128308Christmas was fabulous, let’s just be clear about that. And then, that night, I slept 10 hours. Each year I underestimate what the month of December takes out of me. But what did I do? I got up and started cleaning, clearing, and organizing with vigor, wanting to get the post-holiday bombshell house back to a sliver of normal as soon as possible.

What I didn’t realize was this: I wasn’t ready. My body and soul were saying, IT’S VACATION, and my mojo was already there. I had several things I wanted to do during the week but all of a sudden, I have absolutely zero interest in doing a single one.

Enter my postponed birthday gift.

My birthday is in December, which translates to non-existent. So, several years ago I finally made a decision–I will make it exist, because no one else will. And I’ve done that, expanding to a birthday weekend, and when I turned 50, a birthday week and then year. However, this year on my special day it was also my daughter’s all day and evening dance performances (gone from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m). No worries, we bumped my gift, my favorite gift—an overnight at the Marriott to sleep, read, and relax—to this week.

No problem, right?

You guessed it. When it came down to leaving for the hotel, it had been rescheduled on the wrong day, my girls didn’t want me to go (my 11yo later sent me a picture with her pointing to a TEAR on her face, oh yeah…), and I was starting to capitulate and think, Maybe not…

But my soul, and last sanity,took over. I reassured the girls it was just overnight, that I was still able to text (or receive annoying tear photos—I replied back for her to receive my cyber hug and why not make me a happy b-day video instead?? Which she did, and included her preschool brother…adorable!) AND, a great compromise of inviting the girls to come swim at the hotel the next morning. Total score!!

Meanwhile, within an hour of being at the hotel I felt and sounded happier, I got my mojoPretty young woman with arms raised standing on beach back to think through my Life Vision, intentional parenting plan, and home/life/Back to Basics goals for 2017. When the kids come to swim, I can focus on them fully (AFTER A WONDERFUL, UNINTERRUPTED NIGHT’S SLEEP!!!)—no guilt, and lots of energy.

That’s right, the best first step to changing something big may be to just do nothing.


P.S. Enjoy this week of do nothing, next week I’m ECSTATIC to share with you my new offering for the start of 2017!!


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