Make a Memory Today…Here

Over fifteen years of speaking at Education Week and each year, it’s a new and incredible adventure. It’s where I’ve met, connected with, and formed fabulous friendships that continue to this day.


And it’s where, aside from having children, I’ve had some of my most spiritual experiences. I still remember one day, in the middle of speaking, suddenly receiving an answer to a deeply held, heartfelt prayer of many months, bursting into tears right there in front of and right along with 350 other women.

Education Week is a tender thing to me because it’s one of the very few places women can congregate, connect, and consider the truths of the gospel as a group. We come from all over the United States, and further, focused on one desire—to know His will for us and how to make it real in our lives.

Each year I garner invaluable wisdom, personal insights, and a spiritual boost that fills me for weeks. It’s that powerful.

Whether your LDS, or not, or somewhere in between, it doesn’t matter. Come for the spiritual joy. Stay for the custom promptings. If you haven’t attended, I encourage you to go, even to one class. If you have attended but have let it become rote, I invite you to go with a deep prayer in your heart, and spiritual eyes and ears to receive those tender mercies He has for you.

With love, joy, and a hope to see you somewhere there,


P.S. To register, click here. 

P.P.S. For FYI, my teaching schedule is daily at 12:25 at the Harmon Conference building:

T          Holy Habits: Coping with Deep Trials, Tribulations, and Tragedies

W         Joy in Womanhood: Divine Identity, Personal Purpose, and Daily Self-Worth

Th         The 8 Cs: Prepare Your Children to Become Stellar Adults

F          Live a Vibrant Life! Simple Ways for You and Family to Get Fit and Fabulous