Sneak Peek News and a $25 gift card!

My new book, Kisses Between the Lines, just launched! As a follow-up to the Amazon bestseller, Christmas Kisses, this book takes place in fall during the Harvest Hurrah. Five stories of new characters falling in love and finding purpose. And each novella title is a play on a classic book!


My novella is Pride & Persuasion.


Echo Ridge Fall Final Front Cover Yellow
“Lindy Marchant has left heartbreak and downtown L.A. to help her cousin kickstart an antique shop in sleepy Echo Ridge. 
That is, until she’s roped into the library fundraiser to become an assistant for Armand D. Beaumont, the French bestselling detective writer. The two have met before, and Lindy hasn’t forgotten the disastrous outcome.
Now Armand’s celebrity quirks threaten to upset her life yet again. Or, is there a deeper reason for his unpredictable choices? While Armand inadvertently assists Lindy with the shop, she uncovers his painful truth and an inconvenient growing attraction. As Lindy’s L.A. past catches up with her, decisions must be made. Can Armand let go of his pride and face his fears? And can Lindy be persuaded to take the untried road, even together?”

Kisses Between the Lines is available today for $4.99 on Amazon ebook AND on Amazon Audio preorder too!
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“Kisses Between the Lines is the perfect book to get lost in on a cool autumn night. It’s full of toe curling kisses and sigh worthy moments. If you enjoy sweet romance then do yourself a favor and pick up this latest edition in the Echo Ridge Anthologies.”
——-Jennifer Peel – Award Winning and Bestselling Author of the Women of Merryton Series.