Make Your Summer SIMPLE, and $1.99 deal!

Sure, you’re trying to survive May. But in that mix comes decisions on what to do for summer—sign ups, job applications, and family vacations.

We’ve started this process too, in between graduation announcements and end-of-year activities. I’ve got a few key tips to help you make it simple and successful on my Studio 5 segment (see segment and $1.99 deal info below).

For example, to create helpful structure for the summer, keep it lean and focused. What are the must-dos for your kids—both your thoughts and theirs? What work opportunities can they use or create?

This weekend I talked with my 13-year-old who isn’t old enough to hold a regular formal job. However, she can do her own job or business. Together, we talked about her doing a Cooking Camp, teaching kids her own age and younger how to make simple meals and desserts. We brainstormed daily themes, a list of easy but tasty meals, and how to organize the schedule. Doing the camp for one week is doable, allowing only six people keeps it reasonable, and teaching something she loves makes it enjoyable.

Enjoy lots more ideas on making summer fun and functional on the Studio 5 segment, live today at 11 a.m., then tomorrow, right here on my site.


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