From a Mother in the Trenches…


I have to pause and celebrate one of the neatest women I know who just did something hard, for something so very good.

My good friend, Quinn Silcox, survived the experience of helping her husband survive a rare form of cancer. It was the very same kind of cancer that took her father’s life.

From those experiences, I saw that she chose to give back by doing something hard. This admittedly non-techie, non-uber fundraising mother of three agreed to create her part for a national cancer fundraising campaign. This video is just one aspect of the time, energy, and effort that went into the months-long, daily dos and nightly sleep-deprivation campaign.

Her tireless efforts raised an incredible $60,000.

That’s by a MOM! A focused, purpose-driven mother. I’m in awe of what she’s done (she will hunt me down for saying these things). And by extension thank all amazing, focused, purpose-driven wonderful mothers this month who use the trials they’ve been handed to turn around and do great good, even if it’s simply but powerfully to comfort another in their time of need.

I invite you to watch this short video she made of her and her family’s journey. It’s worth your time. I laughed, cried, and literally wanted to BE this family. Absolutely inspiring.

Then please thank a loved one for doing something hard, or inspiring, or outreaching. This is Mother’s Month and that means we get to pause and admire these women who make the world a better, brighter, more beautiful place.



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