“Explore Your Life’s Landscape…” Deal of the Week!


Thinking about your life and ways to tweak, update, or even overhaul? Enjoy this week’s deal, the MP3 download of  “Explore Your Life’s Landscape: Dream Big, Dig Deep, Dare to Do!” (50 mins).

Learn how to visualize your ideal life and take clear small steps to begin achieving it. Overcome the Shoulds, Fears, and I Can’ts. Discover how to get unstuck and the secret to making it work in daily life. Be the woman, wife, and mother you truly are by sharing joyful full-of-potential self with your loved ones.

Download and listen while you workout, garden, or clean the house! [CLICK HERE]

And join me for motivational posts on my Mom & Me Europe Adventure at www.conniesokol.com/8basics. You’ll share real-time journey—come join us and hopefully feel inspired!



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