Got Christmas hope?

One of the beautiful feelings at Christmas time is that of hope. I think of so many people in scripture who sought for the Savior, hoping against hope He could open their eyes, bind up their wounds, and heal their hurts. He still gives us these gifts today, if we seek them, and receive them.

logo-foundationRecently, I was fortunate enough to be part of a series of incredibly FORTUNATE events that led to helping several organizations. Desiring to donate extra materials to help women in difficult circumstances, I called a friend of mine whose middle name is Service (almost!) to connect us to whoever may need them. Amazingly, a few days later she happened to meet with the president of the Foundation for Family Life who invited her on a different assignment, but then asked, Do you have access to any curriculum?


I asked my friend, Jodi, to share the rest in her words.

“As boxes were transferred from her trailer and placed in storage, it felt like Christmas had come early for one Riverton non-profit and two Salt Lake non-profits. Thanks to her husband, son, and a co-worker, seventy plus boxes were loaded-up and delivered the week of Thanksgiving. Inventory included books, tote bags, CD’s and binders.The timing has been incredible. I recently teamed up with The Foundation for Family Life who work with women transitioning from prison to mainstream life. Days after Connie spoke to me about her donation I called her with the exciting news that being asked to serve on the FFL board and oversee the volunteers and community service would mean that her donation could immediately be put to use to help the women AND the men at FFL. And, we were able to donate to House of Hope, an addiction recovery treatment program for women in Salt Lake City.Talking about these life-improving principles is one thing. But handing a woman a book, and being able to reference it, give her assignments, and have a discussion group about a certain topic is a dream come true? And to receive these Back to Basic’s materials as a DONATION—for FREE is a wonderful gift that will continue to give hope and healing to many women, men, and teens for years to come.

As myself and other motivational mentors and volunteers teach these concepts, we can help these wonderful individuals trying so hard to recover from addiction and return to society as sober and productive citizens. To give them a vision for a new life and exciting future.  What a blessing a donation like this will be to the non-profits dedicated to helping men, women, and teens change for the better!”

In all, we donated over $5,000 of casemade binders, CDs, books, and even cute tote bags!! For me personally, this has fulfilled a dream I’ve held for over ten years, wanting to get life healthy content into the hands of those in these situations.

THANK YOU to all who have been a part of the Back to Basics journey. You share in this donation with your support, through purchases or word of mouth or comments or personal encouragement.

As we celebrate the birth of the Savior and commemorate all the good He went about doing, THANK YOU for giving HOPE to so many this holiday season.



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