Holiday Décor with the VEERS Method

The holidays approach with Halloween right around the corner. No need to feel overwhelmed by the possible increase of to-dos, especially with decorations in the mix. This year, use VEERS and more importantly, involve your children in the decorating (a.k.a. why Halloween can be scary…)

Last week my young daughter, who had hounded me to procure materials, made me follow through on my promise to help her decorate her room. At first, I felt it was going to be another (and frankly, quite early) list of things to do. Instead, we used my VEER formula and it worked like a charm!

First, we Visualized and Evaluated her desk and bunk bed area, drawing a rough plan on paper. Then she made a list of needed items and we hit the Dollar Store, our family mecca. On the day to decorate, she cleared off her desk in a perfect Eliminate step, and we Replaced the space with her chosen items from the plan, making adjustments as we went. As much as possible I let her do the decorating (which, according to her, might not be much…)

Finally, we Savored and Sustained by taking pictures and enjoying how fabulous and festive it looked. Can I just say, SO FUN?!! It truly was. And she loves being in her decorative room and feeling the fun on the approaching holiday.

This holiday season, start enjoying it early by using the VEERS formula (Chapter 5 in Faithful, Fit & Fabulous, or use Simplify & Savor the Season book) and applying to any area of holiday planning!



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