What’s with Mayhem May? + KSL Segment “Moms Helping Moms!”

Closeup of shocked woman over white backgroundTalking with friends the other day, we all lamented the craziness of this month.

“Why the enormous relentless year-end push for closure?” we asked, when, quite frankly, WE WILL BE BACK IN THREE MONTHS DOING THE SAME THING.

And another friend questioned, what’s with Money May? She told about paying out all kinds of cash for who-knows-what, and at the end of the year? Considering how much reminding, encouraging, following through, and busting buns we parents and teachers have done, it would seem a little cashback might be in order.

A friend summed it up perfectly: “May is like Christmas, but without the presents.”

So, dear friends, what do we do about May? The last-minute celebrations, class parties, concerts, plays, recitals, teacher gifts a la Pinterest, and milestone moments, all jumbled on top of each other?

I honestly don’t know. Except to attend them. Enjoy them. And try to concoct a better plan for next year.

But this one thing I do know–don’t start it earlier. This has been done by some bright thinker who said, Well then, let’s do end-of-year activities in APRIL and avoid the May rush!

This would have worked well, except only a few people got on board the good ship Pre-empt Mayhem May. Which led to Annoying April. Because then we had spring break, Easter, AND end of school year activities, PLUS the usual May craziness.


For people like me, with multiple children, this was not a good plan.

Sadly, however, I do not have a wise suggestion. I do not even claim to be thinking of one. I only offer this lament with the knowledge that some wonderfully savvy mother out there has a sage solution that I can’t wait to hear. And implement.

If you’re out there, Sage Mother, please hear my cry. And share your strength. The entire academic-meets-parental world could use a gentler May.





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