What Mother Hats Do You Wear? – KSL Studio 5 Video Segment

wearing-many-hatsAs I’ve reread Sister Julie B. Beck’s fabulous talk, “Mothers Who Know,” I’ve thought about the vital hats we wear (and a few that she shares) and what they mean.

Mothers are Nurturers. What would our families do without the mother intuition of knowing when a child has had a hard day, and adding chocolate chip cookies and a chat to make it right? Whether we’re hugging, laughing, soothing, or connecting, we’re making a difference. And not just for ourselves. I spoke with a woman this week who has regularly fed her children’s various friends every Sunday for years—up to 18 people, and even into the college age. What a woman! And what a nurturing bond that has created for everyone involved. As mothers, whether we’re sitting on the floor and listening or writing love notes to go in lunch boxes, nurturing is the motherhood salve that makes the daily wounds heal.

Mothers are Leaders. Because our children will face a more difficult future than their present, we can show them how to be strong and courageous and proactive now by our example. As we intentionally teach them life skills, how to manage their time, plan their academic and financial future, and present their thoughts and feelings articulately, etc., we show them by example how to become future adults.

Mothers are Homemakers. This doesn’t mean we are Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart combined. It means we do our best to make our home a refuge and a wonderful place to be. We can spruce up one meal, one room, one counter in a way that makes us feel happier and helps our families know they are first. Lately, I’m trying one new recipe a week—a big deal for me (I like the 15 meals that already work then repeat!) This week the Chicken Penne Pasta was a success (and took only minutes to make). Now I’ve added another quick meal to the Mother Tool Belt and my family gets a break from lasagna.

Mothers Stand Strong and Immovable. I think about my friend—beautiful inside and out—who was offered to do a commercial for $10,000. At the time, their family was struggling financially so it seemed timely. However, upon close reading of the script she realized at one point she would stand outside a hotel room door with a gentleman, and though nothing immoral would happen onscreen, the suggestion was there. So she turned it down. A short while later she received an even better commercial offer without lowering any moral standards. She taught her family that even when things look dire, stay firm in moral decisions.

Can I just say hooray for Moms, and for those who stand in place of one?! Thank you for all you do, every day, to be the kind of nurturers, leaders, homemakers, strong and immovable, and so much more. Pat yourself on the back for staying firm and focused on what matters most.



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