Connie’s Fit & Fab: Week 3 Review!

VeggiesMy Goals:
Eat: 1600-1800 healthy calories, no eat after dinner
Exercise: workout 5 times during the week
Energize: listen to my body (normal bedtime, watch for adrenal fatigue)
Rate my success:
10 on each
What worked:
*Exercise lessened my appetite so I went with it, eating less calories because I really wasn’t hungry
*Listening to my body—I woke up sick on Weds, didn’t exercise, ate very little to rest my digestion, and rested later that evening when I could. I woke up the next morning at 6 a.m. feeling fabulous
*Changing up my routine, adding some Zumba for the three-minute cardio, super fun!
*Finding a good protein bar and shake—Quest bars, PB2-type powder, and trying Visalus protein shake, all very good and helpful
*Getting a glass covered in plastic Camelback water bottle for the car—so great
*Not doing my regular workout on Friday—I needed a change, so did TurboFire Hit 15. Made me juiced to do the regular workout on Saturday again
What didn’t work:
*The flu still going through a few kids, not huge, just enough to be annoying
*Even with eating less, I didn’t lose weight or lose a ton of inches
What to do differently:
*Recover with a protein shake 30 minutes post workout
*Eat at least 1800 calories a day to be sure my body is staying nourished
*Try an “Express” workout so I can mix it up during the week, as well as adding in more creative/alternate exercise choices to keep it fresh
A part of me felt like I got a lingering 2-week Bomb (into the 3rd week) but even with that, I felt buoyed. Regularly exercising definitely helped me recover quickly from the flu. I really was shocked that it was one major day, then the next I could get back to being the mom, especially as it lingered a bit with a couple of my children.
Overall, I lost four inches, which was terrific news as I expected it to really slow down after the initial honeymoon period. But the lack of weight loss surprised me with my low-calorie intake. Then I remembered a great book I’ve read and still have called Lean and Free 2000 where she talks about women needing 1800 to 2000 calories a day even when we’re losing weight to be sure our body stays nourished. That made sense. And, I remembered when I did Body for Life that while I’m building muscle the fat sits on top and for awhile, I will look or feel a bit bulkier. At that time, I’d been working out about a month and felt like a sumo wrestler, just bigger everywhere. Then it seemed in one week it just melted off.
I’m not sure if that will necessarily happen (older body now, and as Indiana Jones says, “It’s not the [age], it’s the mileage…”) And that’s fine, I want to be gentle and work with my body. My goal is to lose a pound a week or feel a difference in the fit of my clothes. Not earth-shattering goals-wise, but doable and more lasting.
But the reality is, that can feel painfully slow at times. So it was comforting to remember these prior weight-loss/energy-gain experiences, and hopefully it’s helpful for you, too. If you feel “stuck” or that your body isn’t changing as quickly as you like, remember this is a long-term process. Work with your body and enjoy the journey. Make it as balanced and consistent during the week with eating, exercising, and energizing as you can. You’re not just losing weight, you’re creating a joyful, healthy lifestyle.
Lastly, another thing that’s helped is that my family has been tremendously supportive, for which I’m so grateful. And I feel they’re learning that a good mom needs to positively care for herself for better health, energy, and happiness.
And if that doesn’t work, there’s always chocolate…

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