Organize Your Fitness Goals!

PlannerHave you ever thought about organizing your fitness goals? When I tried to lose weight in the past, I failed many times. What helped me succeed this past year being more organized. 
Here is a quick list of what I kept in check and planned ahead of time:
1. Pre-scheduled workouts. I wrote what to do and what time to do it. After being on my calendar for a few weeks, it became a habit.
2. Planned meals. Yep, it works. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, all were purchased ahead of time . If I planned it, chances were good that stayed focused on my intended meal plan.
3. Plan date nights. I discuss with my husband which night we would plan to go out and then I would go online and check out the menu. Making educated food choices helped me stick to my food guns and the chosen restaurant. Success.
4. Make certain decisions ahead of time. That way, when temptation is dripping or saucing before you, you are strong. As in, ordering salad, but with dressing on the side (dip your fork in the dressing before taking a bite of the salad). Ordering water (liquid calories, unless a good protein shake, are a waste of good calories). Just say no ahead in your mind to butter, mayo and any heavy cream sauce. And if you want a chocolate indulgence, plan it. Tell yourself, I will wait until date night and choose something to share with a date. Save money and calories!
See how easy that was? Planning a little bit ahead of time can save you time, headaches, and a ton of calories. Enjoy life!
Jill Holmes
Website Director
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