Connie's New Romance Novel – A Sneak Peek!

I’m so excited-I’m giving you ladies a sneak peek at my new romance novel, Caribbean Crossroads! Last fall I was looking for a good clean romance and decided to write my own. Reviews from authors and book reviewers have been wonderful: “The perfect summer romance read” (Emily Cushing), “I couldn’t put it down” (Elaine Huish), and “I got hooked from the beginning-I highly recommend it, a very enjoyable and clean romance novel.” (Start the first three chapters below).
Here’s the story…
New college grad Megan McCormick just got dumped. Hard. Swearing off men and relationships, Megan is coaxed into performing on a cruise ship where she meets the star performer, Bryant Johnson. Handsome and charismatic, he looks like trouble, but she can’t deny the intense attraction between them.
Urged to find a wife and run the family lumber business, Bryant is torn between his family’s expectations for his life and his own. However, when he meets spunky, but love-skittish Megan McCormick, settling down doesn’t look so bad. Just when Megan begins to trust again, and Bryant makes some big decisions regarding his future, her former fiance returns with a malicious surprise, taking Megan and Bryant to their own CARIBBEAN CROSSROADS.
And, as a special introduction, we’re doing a celebration on Thursday as Caribbean Crossroads is available on Amazon Kindle for only $1.99. [If you’re like me and don’t have a Kindle, then click on this link to get an app for your PC-it’s super easy!When you purchase Caribbean Crossroads on Thursday and email me your receipt/confirmation you will get some amazing free gifts!
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The blind date was late.
Megan sat on the edge of the couch and glanced again through the window, watching and dreading the promise of another awkward evening. She moved her tennis racket to check her watch. Five more minutes, and counting. Dates got a max of ten minutes wait time, no exceptions. But why even wait? This tennis date was another one of Jillian’s ideas, not hers. Then again, it was still better to trust a well-intentioned roommate than her own intuition right now. CLICK HERE to read the first 3 chapters.

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